The Threat Of The United States Essay

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The most significant threat to the National interests of the United States are traditional state-based, as no other threat has potential to derail our way of life. With state-based threats being the greatest threat to National security, policymakers must first approach international relations from a realist perspective. China 's moves to potentially reject international law demonstrate that power rules in an anarchic world. Despite this rejection of international law, China has created a security dilemma for themselves, creating and opportunity for U.S. retrenchment. The shortfall of realism is that it fails to consider other national interest beyond power. China has served as a world leader on ecological, nuclear, and economic issues, which are addressed by the liberal perspective. The Carter Doctrine shows that it is important never to lose sight of the importance of realist doctrine, as threats to national interests assume primacy over liberal pursuits.
The most significant security issue facing the United States today is the threat from China, as its military is capable, growing, and determined. China recently demonstrated its capabilities through its claims of asserting its sovereignty. China sent patrol ships into the East China Sea and later established an “Air Defense Identification Zone” over the East China Sea in response to Japan 's purchase of the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. China then claimed sovereignty over the majority of the South China Sea…

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