Adolf Hitler's Thought Process: Genocide

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Seth Shy
Mr. Kohler
Language Arts II
April 18th, 2016

Hitler’s Thought Process
Adolf Hitler was a man that had the most unique (not to be confused with good) thought process, perhaps, in the world. He was probably one of the most narcissistic people to ever walk the Earth. He wanted to create a master race of German people, which is where he started the Holocaust. This was the biggest massacre to ever happen and lasted just shy of seven years. Alongside his endeavors in world domination of course.
Hitler definitely made the front pages with the Holocaust. It was the biggest genocide to occur in human history, where he killed six million Jewish people. Why would he desire such a massacre? The answer is as simple as it could get. He was hungry,
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The reason his name is so distasteful now is that people realize that evil can be found in anyone. He believed everything he was doing was actually the right thing. Which is why so many people still fear him. A man that knows he’s doing wrong is scary. Though a man that does worse whilst thinking he is justified is much more frightful.
This is the behavior of most psychopaths. Most of them, psychopaths that is, think that whatever their doing is justified in some way. Hitler thought that he was justified in killing all of those Jewish people. However, in any case, manslaughter is not justified. Hitler was a psychopath.
Not to be confused with sociopaths. Sociopaths are generally anti-social. They find talking to people a lot harder than it should be and usually find doing things on their own easier. They also tend to be more on edge about things and can get easily mad. This doesn’t mean they are a psychopath though.
Hitler hated losing. Now most people hate losing, but for Hitler it was worse. Psychopaths tend to hate losing, more so than the average Joe. He conquered tons of countries, and then right at the end when he realized he was losing the war, he killed himself. He didn’t want the other team to
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It is clear that what Hitler did was not justified, but there was good that came of it. A very little amount, however. He had an S.S. physician, named Doctor Josef Mengele. This doctor did many inhumane experiments, a lot on twins especially. He would tie his victims down, and then perform said experiments. The only good thing that he has done was curing malaria. This, however, wasn’t that good either. Many people died in this experiment. Another thing he was known for, was trying to turn brown eyes to a blue color. He knew that this wouldn’t be passed on to the next generation of the patient, so why would he do this? This is something that is still unknown. However, this is probably due interest in people with two differently colored eyes. He also performed a lot of experiments on twins. He injected a lot of the twins with unknown

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