Essay about The Theory Of Work Adjustment

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Summary of Career Theory In this assignment I will explain the Theory of Work Adjustment (TWA) and how it applies the best to my work history. The TWA is defined under the assumption that “people have two types of needs: biological which consists of food and water etc, and psychological needs, such as social acceptance” (Hagler & Plessman, 2015, 187). An individual will go to work and earn a paycheck that will be enough to satisfy their personal needs and by doing so will also be socially accepted by their co-workers and family. On the other hand, the workplace will hire workers based on three distinct traits, the employees’ skills, aptitudes and personality (Hagler & Plessman, 2015). Workers select jobs because of their perception that the job will satisfy their needs, and workers are chosen because of the perception that their skills inventory will fulfill the job requirements (Hagler & Plessman, 2015). Additionally, to fully understand TWA, the work environment and the characteristics of the worker in themselves need to be defined. TWA classifies the environment and characteristics as celerity, pace, endurance and rhythm (Hagler & Plessman, 2015). Celerity is concerned with the quickness of the worker engaging their work environment while pace denotes the “vigor” which individuals and work environments satisfies the needs (Hagler & Plessman, 2015). . Endurance is the tolerance the worker has for the nature of the work environment and rhythm is concerned with…

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