The Theory Of The Nursing Theory Essay

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In our studies through nursing theory we learned about different frameworks to understand how to provide the best possible care to patients. The first few days of the courses at Western University of Health Sciences introduced us to the idea that nursing theory or concepts can be borrowed or interchanged. To explain, the theorists have formed theory based on their specific time era, culture, country or region. There were founding developmental psychologists and framework that helped build the foundation for specific nursing theories. The first founding influential psychologists can be considered as; Gessell, Freud, Erickson, Gould, and Stantrock. The common pattern within studies at Western University in my opinion is frequently reflecting on where patients are at developmentally on the stages of Eric Erickson. Nursing students have been taught to take into consideration the different dynamics that might change the way patients might be coping, or handling a recent diagnosis or illness. Secondly, building off borrowed theory we have been taught about Grand Theory. The idea behind Grand Theory is built off different abstract ideas, trends, or a combination of theories to provide excellent or groundbreaking nursing care to patients. However, the downfall to Grand Theory is that it can be very abstract and hard to define or have specificity. Middle Range Theory was the next topic we were taught. Middle Range Theory is based off evidence. It starts to become…

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