The Theory Of Soft Determinism On Free Will Essay

1630 Words Nov 25th, 2016 7 Pages
When I chose to enrol in philosophy 1000, did I choose freely ? There are many arguments that say different things. The thing that sucks is that there is no clear answer, which is the same with most things to do with philosophy. But there are some with stronger arguments. Throughout this essay we will cover free will, Libertarianism, Determinism/Fatalism and compatibilism/soft determinism. Most events are determined however some are not. Through the use analytical procedures to do with these arguments we find that the standpoint of Soft Determinism on free will helps illuminate what exactly is free will and what we should be asking instead of the question “are we free”.
Free will by definition is the freedom to choose and not being determined to act in a certain way. Free will also includes humans acting as their own government and making the choice to do something or not do it. In order for humans to make choices, morality has to be involved in free will. So that a human will have the capacity to make a choice and understand what that choice means, and what effect that choice will have, whether the choice is morally right or wrong. To some extent, people have control over their actions. Although we as humans do not have control over what situations bring what options or what actions to choose from but we still always have at least two options to choose from. Leaving us with a choice (free will).
Libertarianism means that metaphysically, we can act freely or to simplify, it…

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