The Theory Of Social Psychology Essay

1068 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
All the concepts and theories that I have learned in social psychology have thought me very well the understanding of human behavior. From the way they communicate to the way that they react. Humans are very complicated species yet very easy to put two and two together as to why and how they act the way they act. When thinking of all the theories I have learned so far in social psychology class, I can defiantly say that I can connect to them all in a way. The main components, that I found to be interesting and also very relatable to me is, the components that are dealing with attraction, social influence, and also stereotyping. I’m going to start off with the theory that I learned the most from because I truly found it to be pretty fascinating which is the “social penetration theory”. Questions that I wondered and actually googled in my spare time where answered; such as, “ Why are we attracted to others?” “Why do relationships fail?” “Why do people end up settling for less?” In my experience I often found myself always settling for less and I really didn’t understand why? An example I will be giving is from four years ago. Four years ago I was in an unhealthy relationship, I lasted with this person for three years and every year I found myself stuck, hopeless, and lonely. I didn’t quite understand why I couldn’t just leave, why am I hurting myself by being with this person? Until one day my aunt sat me down and told me I was settling because I didn’t value myself…

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