The Theory Of Evolution Is Considered A Scientific Theory Essay

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The theory of evolution has been argued over for many years. This theory states that all living things have a common ancestor and each living organism has adapted and evolved through natural selection. Many people disagree with this theory because they feel that the theory of evolution has removed God from his rightful place. These people who did not believe in evolution came up with creationism, which says the universe and living organisms were created by a celestial being rather than natural processes. This was not accepted in schools since it violated the separation of church and state. Intelligent design, which states organisms were designed by an intelligent agent, was presented as a scientific theory to be taught in school. This concept should not be considered a scientific theory and should be left out of science classrooms due to the lack of evidence, inclusion of religion, and science intelligent design is not testable. One of the major reasons why the theory of evolution is highly accepted is because there is a large amount of evidence to support it. Similar traits, bone structures, and chromosomes are some of the most known pieces of evidence to support the theory of evolution. The main evidence that intelligent design can provide is how the bacterial flagellum is ordered perfectly to be able to function. Supporters of intelligent design say that the structure is so perfectly made that it cannot be evolved and it is designed. It has been said that, in the case of…

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