Intelligent Design Theory Analysis

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After the Supreme Court ruled that the teaching of creationism is unconstitutional, opponents of evolution came up with a new strategy to bring their theory to America’s education system. Creationist revived their theory by renaming creationism Intelligent Design. Their new strategy to bring creation into American public schools was to argue that creationism is scientific like evolution and should be taught in the scientific curriculum. The creationist argue that their theory is scientific, “Intelligent Design theorist argue that certain physical systems, including biological ones, exhibit what is known as specified complexity, and that specified complexity is best accounted for by intelligent agency” (Lutz 2013, 684). Intelligent Design theorist …show more content…
In their official statement on the issue they believe it is not the public school’s place to nurture faith and religious commitment. They state that education should not be used to constrain the showing or acknowledgement of any doctrine or to force adjustment to any particular religious conviction or practice. In their official statement on the issue the church claims that they do not completely want to abolish religion in education, they just don’t want it to be endorsed over other religions, “We assert that the public school science curriculum is not the proper arena for the expression of religious doctrine. However, we believe that the public school does have the responsibility to teach about religion, in order to help individuals formulate an intelligent understanding and appreciation of the role of religion in the life and culture of all people and nations”.(home honolu). Although this may seem to contradict their religious beliefs the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries believes evolution and Christianity are compatible and therefore does not go against their beliefs. In their statements they iterate “We testify to our belief that the historic Christian doctrine of the Creator God does not depend upon any particular account of the origins of life for its truth and validity” (Scott 23, 2000. Since the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries does not believe that belief in evolution goes against their faith they have no problem with evolutionary science in the classroom. Like many other religious organizations the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries does not agree with Intelligent Design being taught in the classroom because they believe it is endorsing Christianity by teaching the Bible’s account of the origin

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