The Theory Of Emotional Intelligence Essay examples

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The previous chapter covered the type of research and the type of perspective undertaken in order to find correlations between a leader’s emotions and their ability to influence people. Unfortunately, the topic of Emotions within the context of leadership was not thoroughly studied up until the recent re-introduction during the middle of the 1990s by previously mentioned Psychologist and writer Daniel Goleman, who is famous for introducing the theory of Emotional Intelligence to the general public. His book was considered a groundbreaking achievement due to his suggestion that emotions can be more important than IQ, when it came to being “successful.’ Goleman’s theory has been scientifically studied during the last two decades. His theory was based on Mayer, J.D. and Salovey, P. (1990) published scholarly paper, which was simply named “emotional intelligence.” Mayer and Salovey were the actual psychologists who introduced the concept of “Emotional Intelligence.” They suggested that emotional control in self and others would effectively improve decision making abilities. The authors created a conceptualized chart, which outlines their view on Emotional Intelligence (Appendix C). Furthermore, on the other side of the spectrum they also suggested that people who do not control their emotions would become enslaved to them.
Although Emotional Intelligence theory is an important aspect of this paper, the…

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