Essay on The Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Contemporary Psychologists
Jean Piaget- Mostly known for the theory of cognitive development in children, Jean Piaget revealed the differences between the processes of thinking in children and adults. From his series of tests to reveal different cognitive abilities, he concluded that children were born with basic mental structure inherited from their parents. Teachers and school systems were influences by the 4 stages of cognitive ability that explained the behaviors of children. His curiosity all began when he worked in France to administer Binet’s IQ test and translate the questions from the English tests to French. Abraham Maslow- He came up with the hierarchy of needs. The pyramid from bottom to top is biological/physiological needs, safety needs, love/belonging needs, esteem needs, and lastly self-actualization. Maslow stated that to live a healthy lifestyle, one needs to satisfy their biological/physiological needs first, and move up the pyramid to satisfy those thereafter. He believed people have separate motivational systems other than what comes from your rewards mindset or unconscious desires. B.F. Skinner- Skinner had a huge influence on the concept and science of behaviorism. He explained that negative consequences would lead a person to be less likely to perform the certain action they did, again. The Skinner Box, otherwise known as the Operant Conditioning Chamber, was created by Skinner to study and test hypotheses related to behavior and…

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