Contrast Piaget And Vygotsky

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Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky are two of the most recognized psychologists known to man. These men developed theories that addressed the way people think and the way that children in a classroom learn. College students learn early on in their field of study of Piaget and Vygotsky and their attributes to education. Piaget believed that cognitive development was comprehensive, while Vygotsky did not agree with him. Vygotsky thought of cognitive development rather how a child learns and develops over time. Although there was an evident difference of opinions in the two theorists much can be learned from the men 's agreeances and differences.

First, to begin to understand the theories of cognitive development one must know what age range
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Piaget believed that development comes before learning, and Vygotsky thought that maturation drives development. Piaget considered learning as an independent task, while Vygotsky saw it as a social interaction that was best driven by play and a child 's enjoyment from being around others. Vygotsky knew that children were social creatures; he said that their learning came from their social environment. Piaget was more focused on speech and language. Piaget stood on the nature side of the fence while Vygotsky was more of a nuturer. Piaget believed that heredity was rule and that development preceded language. Vygotsky believed the environment that nurtures the child has the biggest impact on the development of the child. Other differences include the investigative methods and data collection methods used by the two theorists. Vygotsky seemed to be more scientific, while Jean Piaget used naturalistic obeservation and psychiatric clinical examination to test his psychological model of his four stages. Piaget 's investigative method of cognitive development was the four stages model that he created; Lev Vygotsky created the zone of proximal development. The zone of proximal development is a phase at which a child can master a task if given help or support. This method was his way of testing children or experimenting to see what level of development a child was presently at. Vygotsky differed from Piaget in data collection because he would observe play or conduct experiments, while Piaget for a majority just did clinical

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