The Theory Of Causation And Necessary Connection Essay

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JC Mr. Hume I wish to discuss your theory of causation and necessary connection, which have become the subject of much controversy among later thinkers. I would like you to clear up many of the things that these philosophers believe are controversial about your work. But first, in order to do so I think it is only fair that we first clear up what your goals were in writing An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding.
DH I do agree that in order to best understand my theory it would be beneficial to understand my intentions for writing An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. An important goal of mine was to undermine superstition and also the philosophical environment that encourages it.
JC This is unclear to me, as any reader can determine you yourself to be skeptic. It is commonly thought that skeptical thinkers come to conclusions within the realm of superstition. How does your skepticism differ?
DH There is a distinct difference between the superstition in which I speak of and the skepticism that I employ. The superstitions in which I sought to rule out lie in the definition of supernatural. Superstitious philosophy or as I refer to them as, false metaphysics, places causality on supernatural powers. Rather than attributing false causes to the natural world a priori I choose to explain what we know about the world empirically. This is a far more rational conclusion, being that no great thinker, although many have attempted, has been able to identify the cause of any…

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