The, The Existence Of God Essay

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In order to fully understand a concept, we must first understand that every statement, argument, and attribution of that concept to be true. Of all concepts that have been pondered by human be-ings, the existence of God seems to be the one that will relate to all of us. This question may not exist every point in our lives; but certainly, there has been one instance in which all of us have wondered just how the earth and everything on or within it came to be. Those closest to us influ-ence our beliefs and opinions, heavily. This can be thought of as a form of assimilation; living in an environment and eventually adopting that environment’s beliefs. Depending on that environ-ment that a person grew up in, and the people that were around them; that person’s views was likely reflect those of the people who were around them. However, is it reasonable to believe that just because you have been told something all your life that that thing is true? The real question is does something exist because a person believes it so? Does God exist simply because he has fol-lowers? Is that the only qualification for something to exist, that people believe in it? Is it reason-able to believe in something that you cannot see? Is it simply that all religion is just based on blind faith? If god only exists because people believe in him, when he ceased to exist if that be-lief ever goes away? That being said, can something exist if it can disappear simply because of a loss of faith? The rational…

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