The Testament Gospels : Mark, Matthew, Luke, And John Essay

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The stories of Jesus are represented through the four New Testament Gospels: Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. Each Gospel emphasizes on particular principles that represent Jesus differently. Jesus is seen as the suffering Messiah in all four Gospels, but each Evangelist puts in his own intake, hence expanding on the original Markan portrait of Jesus. The writers of the Gospels give their own theological assertions, and understandings, which in effect creates a new portrait of Jesus for each Gospel. The Gospel portraits vary and represent a different and evolving view of Jesus’, stories, and traditions over time. By focusing on the New Testament Gospels one can infer that the principal emphasis for the Gospel of Mark consists of representing Jesus as the suffering Messiah. For the Gospel of Matthew, the principal emphasis is to show Jesus as the new Moses. In the Gospel of Luke Jesus is represented as the Son of Man, and the Gospel of John Jesus is represented as the Son of God. By thoroughly explaining these ideas with quotes from the bible one can truly provide evidence to support each principal emphasis regarding the four different views of Jesus.
In the gospel of Mark, the principal element seen is that Jesus is presented as the suffering Messiah. Jesus’ destiny is to suffer and die for the sake of spreading Gods word. Jesus lives his life to preach Gods people knowing his own persecution. Jesus’ purpose was to make the people believe in God’s word and free the Jewish…

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