The Teacher Is The Fountain Of All Knowledge Essay

1414 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
The idea when I first read the quote "the teacher is the fountain of all knowledge" was to find first the origin of the frase and who said it it first, the when and what they meant back then. I think my text is going to be a bit ambiguous now since I failed to get those answers through Google, the one part of internet I will praise as a new fountain of knowledge.

Getting back to the main quotation, I would say that teachers are the base of the fountain, like bricks surrounding it to hold all the "water" of the said "fountain". Today where knowledge can be acquire so rapidly from a young age at ones fingertips, I would say that the idea of what a teacher is nowday is a bit different than when the quote was first mentioned. Information is much more reachable today, if one wants to explore a subject, and have the will power to search and research for what they are trying to understand. It is completely possible with out a facilitator. It might be more time consuming or require more work, but between libraries and the Internet easily accessible in the developed world, I would say it is entirely possible, It will just not have a diploma or a accredited certification at the end of the learning process, which is much of a requirement to thrive in modern society, however if by the end of the learning process you are able to create some thing or idea that reaches a lot of people, one could definitely achieve genius status by setting himself apart and however I would also say it…

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