The Task Of Managing Student Behavior Essay

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Chapter Two
The task of managing student behavior is complex because educators must maintain social order in the classroom, in addition to focusing on the individual needs of students. When a teacher adopts a highly structured discipline model that features a high degree of flexibility, they are empowered to make the best decisions about behavior management. Good behavior management decisions also result from teachers pledging to maintain the dignity of their students in any situation. Moreover, educators can utilize the six core beliefs of Discipline with Dignity to help define classroom boundaries as they utilize discipline as a learning process. First, an expectation of dealing with student behavior should exist among all teachers because students learn lasting lessons about behavior and communication in the classroom. When teachers integrate discipline with teaching practices, this results in a maximized benefit of the discipline plan. In addition, educators need to prioritize treating each student fairly and respect their dignity. Finally, teachers are required to develop and sustain positive connections with all of their students. When teachers reach out to “challenging” students, a positive classroom environment is cultivated. The most two important aspects to an effective discipline model are a teacher’s ability to work with every student and how to use their judgement in different situations. In order to establish a good discipline plan, a…

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