The Target Market For The Bioluminescent Jellyfish Daywear Dress Collection

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Target Market

The target market for the Bioluminescent Jellyfish daywear dress collection is petite fashion forward women within the ages of eighteen to thirty years old. The demographic includes women from ‘Generation Y’. The target market consists of women who are determined and motivated workers, they buy clothing based on their need to have an identity and to fit in with their peers (Dias, 2003). The target market is adept with computers and are savvy with new digital media, therefore they use blogs and social media to interact with similar people (Valentine, 2013). Generation Y are friendly, open-minded and intelligent (See Appendix A, Figure 1). When thinking of themselves, they think they are one of the most unique generations (See Appendix A, Figure 2). When asked what makes their generation unique, the most common responses were technology use, pop culture and their liberal opinions (See Appendix A, Figure 3). Generation Y are individualistic and mature. They are perceived as consumption-oriented yet sophisticated shoppers (Eastman, n.d.). They are highly influenced by western culture, therefore they are eager to spend money (Viswanathan, 2013). They love technology and are passionate about health & wellness. They use instant messaging and Facebook 30% more than any other generation (see Appendix A, Figure 4). Overall, Generation Y ranks the highest in use of social networking and instant messaging than any of the other generations (see Appendix A, Figure 5).…

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