The Sustainability Team Project Exposed Essay

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The sustainability team project exposed me to a variety of skills and concepts while dealing with a complex problem, one of them being team conflict. I would like to reflect on this, since my opinion about it has changed, as we progressed through the course. There were various conflicts that occurred during the project, but only one in particular was significant to change my opinion about team conflicts, it was towards the end of the project. When the team was discussing solutions to the complex problem, there was disagreement with the team on what the solution should look like. As, different team members had different opinions and expectations from the project, which led to the conflict within the team.
One team member was indifferent to the discussion, while others were arguing about how their solution was better than the other. Most of the solutions under discussion were similar in ways, except one. Perhaps the one person with a different solution was not being appreciated on his unique idea, because others could not envision the idea. On the other hand, I was trying to mediate the solutions and trying to find common ground with them. Using Both/And approach, to align them together and come up with a better solution that we all could agree on. My efforts went in vain but I continued my efforts of aligning them. Since, I had thought at that point conflict will not lead us anywhere and push us close to the deadline of the project, hence not leaving enough time for the…

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