The Student Nurse Experience : Becoming A Nurse Essay

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The Student Nurse Experience: Becoming a Nurse
The process of transformation from a student nurse into a nurse could be challenging due to “blurring of the boundaries between professional nursing and a skilled healthcare work” (Holland, 1998, p. 229). In order to make it easier for a student nurse to identify her/his role this evolutionary process could be divided into three stages or “rites of passage”, including “rites of separation, transition and incorporation” (Holland, 1998, p. 229).
In this paper I will analyze my personal experience of transition from a student nurse to a nurse. I will explore the meaning of “a ritual acknowledgement of a transition and incorporation into a new social state” Holland, 1998, p. 235). I will examine three stages of transition as identified by Holland (1998) and analyze it against my clinical experience during the first two weeks of consolidated nursing practice at the medical unit of Eagle Ridge Hospital. Moreover, I will explore the impact of the article on my personal reflection of practice.
Stage One: Separation
According to Holland (1998), the first stage of transformation from a student nurse into a qualified nurse involves the separation from a novice role, including all rites and rituals associated with a neophyte position. During my first clinical experience my neophyte status was strongly associated with limited knowledge and lack of confidence. Moreover, lack of trust from experienced nurses increased the…

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