Essay on The Structure Of The Courts

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The structure of the courts begins with trial courts which have original jurisdiction. Each of the 50 states has their own court system which is why a vast majority of cases begin in state courts although, most cases do not even make it to court at all. Most criminal and civil disputes are settled outside of court due to not enough time and resources for each case to be heard and resolved. Cases heard by state courts are most criminal, probate, contract, tort, and family law cases. In civil court cases their is a plantiff that hears the case who will decide if it will be brought to state or federal court. You can only start in the district courts if your case meets certain important critieria. Most criminal cases start in state courts so if you do not agree with the outcome of the trial court you may call upon an appeal if you believe their was procedural misconduct or misinterpretation of the law. The appellate courts review the procedures and the decisions in the trial court to make sure that the proceedings were fair and that the proper law was applied correctly. The U.S Courts of Appeals is made up of 13 appellate courts which determine whether or not the law in question was applied appropriately in the trial court. Appellate courts can hear cases from a district within their own circuit to also federal government organizations. In addition, appellate courts on the federal level have jurisdiction to hear appeals in specific cases throughout the nation. In the federal…

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