State Court Survey Case Study

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Assignment Two: State Court Survey
In Arizona, the majority of cities and towns have a municipal court which is sometimes also called city or magistrate court. This court hears misdemeanor and petty offense violations within their town or city. City or town magistrates preside over some criminal and civil traffic cases. Criminal traffic cases with no serious injuries and civil traffic cases that involve violations of city ordinances. They have the ability to issue Orders of Protection and search warrants. City councils generally appoint theses judges, except for in Yuma, where the judges are elected. City ordinances institute the specific requirements to become a magistrate. The terms are established by city council, however they must be
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All 67 counties in Alabama have their own circuit court. Circuit courts hear all cases involving felony prosecution. They also have the ability to exercise jurisdiction over juvenile and district court cases. Circuit courts hear civil cases when the amount of damages exceeds $10000.
Alabama’s has three appellate courts. Court of Civil Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Supreme Court of Alabama. These courts have discretionary jurisdiction. The Court of Civil Appeals has five judges, they have jurisdiction in cases involving more than $50000 in damages. This court also considers appeals from state agencies and court decisions. The Court of Criminal Appeals has five judges. They consider appeals from Alabama’s municipal courts as well as appeals from misdemeanor and felony cases.
The Supreme Court of Alabama is Alabama’s highest court. The Supreme Court of Alabama has jurisdiction to consider appeals from Alabama’s lower courts. This court consists of 8 associate justices and 1 chief justice. All appellate court justices must be licensed attorneys in Alabama. All justices and judges must be elected for a term of 6 years. If there is a vacancy, the governor can appoint a judge, but that judge must be elected at the end of his/her
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This court considers appeals from lower Colorado courts. The Colorado Supreme court only has 7 justices, with one being the chief justice. Just as with Alabama, if there is a vacancy, the governor will appoint a justice after receiving recommendations from a nominating commission. The initial term is 2 years, after that the justices are up for election to serve 10 year terms. This court is not required to hear all cases, having discretionary jurisdiction as well. All justices in Colorado have to have been licensed to practiced law in Colorado for at least 5 years, and be under the age of

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