The Structure Of Decision Making Essay

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Structure: Decision Making Decision-making is a very important part of everyone 's life. Everyone might have distinctive and vital choices to make in their lives, and those choices will dependably influence one 's destiny directly or indirectly. There are examples of very important decisions that are made every day. Decisions not only affect one’s present, but also their future. There are two concepts of decision making, one is agency, and the other is structure. Agency refers to one’s own choice of making decision; whereas structure refers to society’s influence on an individual’s choice. One of the most important decisions that I made in my life was moving to the USA. Even though people might say it was individual agency, but I believe it was social structure because Bangladesh is an underdeveloped country in which I didn’t want to stay. There were many reasons why I moved here, but among all, three most important reasons were education opportunity for girls, political issues, and better future. One of the first and most important reasons for me to move here in the US was the low education opportunities for women. In spite of having accomplished gender orientation equality in elementary school enrollments, Bangladesh still has far to go to accomplish gender value, access to quality instruction for all women, completion of fundamental training with adequate competency levels and pertinent life abilities and equivalent parts for women and girls in the public eye. Sex…

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