The Strategies And Interventions Planned By Social Worker Essay

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The strategies and interventions planned by any social worker hugely depends on the way they view their clients’ problems through the sociological lens. The success of interventions in any social domain is impossible without a thorough understanding of the nature, extent, assumptions, stereotypes and complexities of the issue. In the context of domestic violence, there seems to be an urgent need for social workers and agencies to acquire an in-depth understanding of the seriousness of the issue, to be able to revaluate the typical and traditional responses in order to develop a more helpful approach to achieve greater consistency. Practitioners also need an up to date knowledge of all the practicalities involved in (Mullender, 2002). This calls for a profound understanding of social problems using a personal practice framework that they believe will work to aid identifying the best approaches to assist their clients to take control of their lives and move beyond the effects of domestic and family violence” (Australian Association of Social Workers, Position Statement Domestic and Family Violence, 2011).
Building a personal practice framework for social work also integrates the core qualities, values, principles and beliefs of the practitioner with professional accountability. This in turn helps the social worker to articulate how issues are understood, informationis analysed, and how sensible decisions are arrived at, in the best interests of families, individuals and…

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