The Story of Amp Essay

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The Story of AMP 1
This case study provides an excellent example of the importance of business strategy. It demonstrates how the correct corporate strategy can provide prosperity for a company while a poor strategy can result in dire consequences. The study also highlights how factors such as company size, economic conditions, competition, and corporate culture influence the development and the ultimate success of the business strategy.
AMP Incorporated was used as the basis for this case study. AMP Incorporated is a global company that specializes in electronic and electrical connectors. The company, which was started in 1941, quickly grew into the world’s largest manufacturer of connector and interconnection devices.
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Whitaker’s Style
Whitaker’s skills were not limited to just his engineering expertise. He was also a very effective leader. Whitaker always seemed to know where to find the most talented engineers and technicians and was able to recruit them to his company. Once on board, Whitaker always made it a point to allow his personnel the widest possible latitude in their work. He would give his employees a project with full responsibility for completing and he would not interfere. Upon the completion of a project, Whitaker would give his feedback and would financially reward those involved, if the product was successful. He also created competition within his work force by giving rewards to those that were able to design and patent a new product. These management

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Part 3

Operations Issues

techniques gave his employees a sense of worth and reward for their hard work. Whitaker was also very approachable and acted mainly as a moderator at meetings. He enjoyed walking around and talking to his employees and suggested that all employees have their name on their workstations so that he could say hello to everyone by

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