The Story Of The Car Essay example

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The car was packed with everything she could fit into the trunk of her mother’s vehicle, and soon enough Becca was driving through her neighborhood in Shelburne Falls, the town she had lived in her entire life, anxiously beginning her freshmen year as a Health, Wellness and Occupational Studies major at the University of New England. As she drove down the back roads she knew so well, she could not help but think back on all she was leaving behind. Her quiet home amongst farmland, the bed she collapsed in each time she had a bad day, her costumes and shoes from her fifteen year dance career, pictures and clothes and the four bedroom walls that had provided her comfort for the entirety of her life. Nerves took over her thoughts and as the drive grew shorter her worries grew larger. Never had Becca experienced such a large change. As an only child, she had never shared a room with another person, her mom woke her for school each morning, most nights she enjoyed her parent’s home cooking and her weekends were spent surrounded by family. Suddenly, that was all about to change. Authors Kathleen Matuska and Charles Christiansen explain their newly formed Model of Lifestyle Balance which theorizes that the most satisfying lives are those of people who feel there is a balance between what they desire to do and what they are actually doing (Matuska & Christiansen, 2008). Balance is best reached not by attainment of a certain occupational destination, but rather through continuous…

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