The Stories of Hamlet (Shakespeare) and the Odyssey (Homer) Essay

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The Stories of Hamlet (Shakespeare) and the Odyssey (Homer) Throughout the world of literature, of Homer’s The Odyssey and Shakespeare’s Hamlet, revenge has been a common theme. Revenge can come in the form of many faces. It can manifest itself through pride, greed, carelessness, and murder. Revenge can provoke deep dark feelings towards others. These feelings lead to one not thinking about what’s moral but instead to just act instinctually. Revenge is expressed on behalf of a fatal occurrence. An incidence such as an unfavorable event involving an object or a loved one can ignite a fire in one’s inner being, and lead them to unconscious actions. There are those who go about revenge differently. Instead of acting instinctually they use …show more content…
Then he tore them limb from limb and supped upon them. He gobbled them up like a lion in the wilderness, flesh, bones, marrow, and entrails, without leaving anything uneaten. As for us, we wept and lifted up our hands to heaven on seeing such a horrid sight, for we did not know what else to do; but when the Cyclops had filled his huge paunch, and had washed down his meal of human flesh with a drink of neat milk, he stretched himself full length upon the ground among his sheep, and went to sleep. I was at first inclined to seize my sword, draw it, and drive it into his vitals, but I reflected that if I did we should all certainly be lost, for we should never be able to shift the stone which the monster had put in front of the door. So we stayed sobbing and sighing where we were till morning came.” Odysseus and his men were overwhelmed by this action Regardless of this occurrence, Odysseus used his wits: “… So I was left to scheme some way of taking my revenge and covering myself with glory.”Once Odysseus embraced his plan to take his revenge and flee, his pride caught up to him and he started to shout about whom he is and how great and intelligent he is because he escaped the Cyclops cave. This act of hubris led the Cyclops go to his father, Poseidon, to tell about his blindness caused by Odysseus. This directed Poseidon to avenge his son’s blindness. During Odysseus’ journey to the underworld, he meets with Tiresias who is prophet who

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