The Stereotypes Of Gender Inequality In The Workplace

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The unequal conditions that women are facing in the workforce are ridiculous. If a woman has gone to college, gotten her degree, and has received a job in her field, she should be paid the same amount of money that any man makes doing the same job. It is truly hard to understand, as a woman that this type of inequality is still occurring in our society. I can only guess that inequality is still occurring because of the stereotypes that women have been associated with throughout history. Women have always been the one in the relationship to take care of the house and children. So, when women started to enter the workforce, men began to worry about the security of their jobs, because they were at risk of losing them to women. However, men are still more likely to be hired over women today and, of course, make more money than women. If people began to accept that times have changed and are still changing, then the idea that men are superior to women, …show more content…
Not only do advertisers view men and women differently, but men and women also bring different perspectives to advertising. Both men and women respond positively to products that directed towards and influenced by the needs of each of them. However, in some commercials and advertisements, the stereotypes of genders are seen. For example, in the majority of household product commercials, women are seen doing the work associated with the product, like cleaning up from dinner, washing dishes, and doing laundry. Also, in food commercials, it shows women preparing the food, a majority of the time, while the males, who are supposed to be their husbands, are seen watching TV, most likely a sports program. These examples of commercials, explains how stereotypes are still being used in commercials and advertisements to appeal to both genders, based on the traditions that our society has associated them

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