The Steps That I Like Sommers Essay

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The steps that I take to write my essays are usually first brainstorm second I write what I will be talking about and how I will structure it. For me to write an sesay it usually takes a few trial and errors for me to successfully write a good essay. What my ideas are in writing an essay is to take your time and to brainstorm what you want to talk about. What I like about “Nancy Sommers” is she had said that writing is like incubating eggs because you have to go through many steps just like incubating eggs. What I mainly try to look for is usually try prewriting something before I actually write it and put into the essay and make it official, from my experience many writers have to go through a lot of writing down what they want and how they’re going to explain it but, a lot of writers go through throwing papers and drafts away to make it be a very successful essay. For me the reason I like Sommers’ better is because she put writing in a whole new perspective and how to write an essay. I also believe that Nancy sommers’ is a good writer but what I question is how does telling people about your process help them and make them successful in writing their own essays.

Nancy also thinks that revision is also a good thing to go through because after you have wrote your essay you would have to go through looking over the essay to see if there are any grammatical mistakes in the essay. By revising others work and even your work it’ll put you in a scale of concerns, which are…

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