The State Of New York Essay

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On May 14, 1787, the Federal Convention met at the state house which is now Independence Hall but for two weeks they adjourned meetings until they met their quorum. On May 25th 1787 all states are present except for Rhode Island. But by May 29th, Edmund Randolph presented a plan called the Virginia Plan which was written by James Madison and would provide for a strong centralized government composed of three branches, the judicial, executive and legislative to avert any corruption of power. Madison 's plan describes two houses: one with members elected by the people for 3-year terms and the other older leaders elected by the state legislatures for 7-year terms. Both would use population as the foundation for dividing seats among the states.
Big population states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, Georgia, North and South Carolina, are in favor of the plan. The smaller populous states like Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware object. New York was the largest state at the time that sided with the smaller states in a majority ruling. The two out of three New York State delegates left the convention without a vote. The Virginia Plan was revised several times before it was finalized.
On June 15, 1787, The New Jersey Plan is presented to the convention by William Paterson. It is an alternative to the Virginia Plan for smaller states. It calls for equal representation regardless of population. On June 19, the members refused the New Jersey Plan and proceeded…

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