Essay about The Stars : The Star Scene

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Although the play was intense and amazing from start to finish, a few moments dazzled all of the other audience members and myself. In what was known by many as “The Star Scene”, lighting was again used to the director’s advantage when they projected different age-old star systems upon all of the 3 cycloramas. By giving us a more telling insight into what Christopher’s imagination is like, the audience can also imagine the scene more – as it has been marked spectacularly. This further helps us to empathise with him and with his hopes and dreams.
By using physical theatre to make Christopher seem like he was in space, the actors gave a cosmological atmosphere to the scene which bought many of the audience members to the brink of wonder, awe and joy. It may have also helped to reinforce the concepts of Christopher’s disassociation; because he sees everything so small around other people and may feel it was cramping or restricting him, it warmed my heart to see him become free in the depths of space. This may suggest that he feels more liberated without people or likes that the universe isn’t affected if he makes a mistake, everything just goes on despite his errors. A beautiful, childlike track was also played in the background as Christopher fantasised about his adventures in space. By using a childlike, simplistic backing track, the scene became magical but it also helped us to see that Christopher’s mind is childlike.
Yet a sharp juxtaposition was provided…

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