The Spanish Conquest Of Mexico Essay example

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a) Honestly, the Spanish conquest was brutal. However, it was also very intelligent on Cortes’s part. He used the superior Spanish technology (steel and horses) to his best advantage. He also used the preexisting dived in Mexico. The Mexica demanding tribute from Nahua people made them more willing to ally themselves with the Spanish invaders. Plus, according to the article, they exploited the fact that many Mexicans thought they were gods. In addition, they brought foreign diseases that wiped out a large number of natives without the Spaniards having to do anything. The impression I got from the article was that the Mexicans didn’t know what to do with the Spanish invades, they had never seen anything of the like and simple assumed they were gods because that was the best explanation they could make with the information they had. It was an intelligent invasion that used every advantage they were given with the sole purpose of finding gold. Not only that, but the Spanish sought to destroy the culture of the Mexican people. They started with They burned books and destroyed temples in order to convert Mexicans. By the end, most of a culture and people were dead and the ground work was set for more invasions.

b) The biggest contributing factor to events playing out as they did was gold. The Spanish wanted gold and they were willing to kill and destroy to get it. Their greed lead them to think only of themselves and not of the culture they were ending.…

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