Video Games Do Not Cause Violence Research Paper

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Video games do not cause violence because both old and current generation games still have unrealistic graphics of violence. Indeed, newer games may seem to have more realistic graphics but is not real enough to make the human eye unable to tell whether it’s a game or a capture video. As we’re living in at the age of where technology is constantly evolving meaning we are to going see more and more realistic games getting released in the future. Based on that, it is very likely that the chances of us getting to see a game with life-like looking graphics is very high. We are going to be able to see graphics details from a video game that are just as real as real life. However, there are no games at the moment, which could give our eyes a hard …show more content…
It is something that many people would like to enjoy after a long day of work or school. However, while we’re getting entertained there are behind the scene problems that we might not even realize. To make sure that video games are safe and healthy to everyone, try your best not to abuse it and make it becomes a good part of your life instead of a bad part. In fact, there are many solutions can be done to prevent video games from making people become violent and unhealthy that are simple and don’t cost you a single penny. However, there is no solution that would work for everyone because everyone is different. For example, if parents would like to make sure that video games would have no effects on your children’s behavior then they might have a few things to consider about before purchasing a game from a retailer for their kids. First, they should educate themselves about the ratings for video games. There are many ways to learn about the ratings but one simple way for those parents who know how to use the internet is by using the Google’s search engine and search for the name of the video game that one’s would like to know about and its rating. This method could save times and energy because you won’t have to walk into a game store to find out what is really inside the game. Normally, all the information that is related to the search would be displayed on the front page. Nonetheless, don’t just follow and believe one hundred percent of what the information tells you because you must have your own perspective about whether it is okay for your child to play that game. From my honest opinion, those ratings don’t really mean anything. Freese quoted, “Instead of just following an ESRB ratings, parent’s need to actively assess their child in relationship to the game in question.” (“Solving the ‘Violent Video Game’ Problem: Parent Censorship,” 2013) In other words, parents should personally try

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