Essay about The Social Work Of A Social Worker

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The daytime TV commercials featuring children in third world countries with big, pleading eyes and protruding, malnourished bellies disturbed me even as a young child. Still largely unaware of the mysteries and troubles of life (I was no older than 5), I had already taken on the burdens of others and decided that I would make it my duty to make someone else’s life better. I have always possessed the quality of compassion, as well as the desire to help others, which have ultimately made me want to become a social worker. As a social worker, I hope to work with the veteran population in order to provide them with appropriate resources. While working in the field, it will be essential for me to remain cognizant of my strengths and weaknesses, the social work core values, and my personal and professional values. My principal goal for the social work profession is to invoke positive change in the lives of others.
As a result of my love for assisting others, I am constantly looking for volunteer opportunities. One of my most recent volunteer experiences was at the Allied Churches of Alamance County Food Pantry. While volunteering there, I ended up interacting with a veteran whom I will call John, who rides down my street on a bicycle every day. After communicating with him, I discovered that he was having trouble acquiring his social security and disability benefits. Learning this angered me because John had worked hard and fought for our country, yet he was not receiving the…

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