Dbq Industrial Revolution Essay

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Industrial Revolution Impact The Industrial Revolution began in the late 17th century and was an era where many different countries were advancing. Britain was the first country to start this era and soon spread to many other countries. The Industrial Revolution benefitted the empires because of the materials the factories created. However, materials in the Industrial Revolution do not outweigh the social cost because of the harsh working conditionss, the social class revolution, and the strict regulations. Therefore, the Industrial Revolution was effective in making life a struggle and dangerous in the social class. The unjust of the working conditionss caused many problems that can cause a danger to peoples ' lives. Observing the working …show more content…
One of the rules is that one person only does a limited amount of the work to be able to produce a lot of resources. This can create fatigue in a person. Document 3 The Division of Labor shows that a person working on one task can creates four thousand pins a day. One of the rules requires you to be able to work all day from 6 A.M to 7 P.M with ad hour for dinner and half an hour for tea. Document 4 Factory Rules from the Foundry and Engineering Works of the Royal Overseas Trading Company reported that the hours are strictly observed. Their punishment for being late is severely strict. As said in document 4, the punishment for being 2 minutes late is half an hour of wages off, and for more than 2 minutes you get to work only after the next break. This hardly seems unfair because you can at least get a warning and your wages are deducted for 2 minutes. If you get 3 minutes or more, then your wage is deducted until the next break. These rules are illogical because many people make mistakes. Another rule stated in Document 4 Factory Rules from the Foundry and Engineering Works of the Royal Overseas Trading Company was that you cannot leave your place of work other than the reason for work. This is insane because if you are hurt or became sick, you cannot leave your place of work. There are many other rules to the addition. In the end, the rules are too strict and illogical to

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