The Social Needs Of Teachers Essay

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Teachers are under-appreciated and overworked in addition to being underpaid. Our educators are on the front lines of countless public problems. With that said, being a teacher remains one of the most crucial jobs in society today, because teachers are mentors, disciplinarian, and tutors of today’s youth.

Teachers today are not only expected to teach, but are compelled to deal with the social needs of their students in addition to the families. Social needs are comprised of behaviors, emotional relationships and developing self-esteem. Behaviors are learned the unwanted power struggle most often begins in the home. Your student may be a victim of a broken home where the emotional relationships have been shattered. Leaving the student broken which leads to low self-esteem. Poverty can cause one or all three of these social needs. How sad would it be if your student is hungry when they arrive at school every day?

In my findings I have found a multitude of problems that lead to much frustration for teachers. The first is when parents fail to give their children the best supporting effort. The lack of parental support and responsibility with time can exhaust any teacher’s efforts. Parents don’t care about the education their kids are getting until it’s time to pass or fail. In the world today parents are too busy in their own lives. Teachers may find parents can be selfish, cruel and absent in their child lives. For all we know the parents may also failed in school. The…

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