The Social Media Phenomena And How Much It Influenced Marketing Strategy

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In my research I will discuss the social media phenomena and how much it influenced marketing strategy in the past years. The amount of studies on the subject show how important it is. It is not my intention to discuss only the negative impact of the Internet; the material will be used interrelated to the more specific marketing uses of the Brand concept and the social media spread in order to increase business efficiency. Follows a brief introduction to part of the bibliography I will use.

1.) Philip Kotler & Kevin l. Keller - Marketing Management (14th Edition)
The book is on its 14th reviewed and updated edition, studying the challenges that crisis and “the Internet” have brought to the table, and Marketers have to face in order to succeed. Kotler & Keller (2014) say “The task of any business is to deliver customer value at a profit. In a hypercompetitive economy with increasingly informed buyers faced with abundant choices, a company can win only by finetuning the value delivery process and choosing, providing, and communicating superior value.” (p.34). This text is the theoretic heart of my thesis, it shows the strategic importance of Marketing Management.
The most relevant chapters of the book, to my thesis, discuss the definition of Marketing, the introduction of the Internet variable and the development of the discipline until it became fundamental to any business. Also, the great added value of listening to the customers, focus on the art of creating a relationship…

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