The Social Expectations Of Race And Gender Essay

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The Social Expectations of Race and Gender Race, gender, and social class play a key role in why stereotypes and inequality are so challenging to erase. How a person sees others should not be determined by what he or she assumes to know about them based on stereotypes. Even the way we racialize someone draws on traditional customs that reflect both gender and race. Overall, it is striking how consistent the patterns of racial fluidity are within societal expectations about what people do, and even what we expect from women compared to that of men. Ultimately, race and gender can put individuals at odds with social expectations. In General, the story “Ranch Girl,” is about a character who felt she had been dealt a bad hand in society, due to her family not being among the rich or poor, and her father working for a wealthy family as the foreman of their ranch. The environment surrounding the main character is based on a male dominated culture and what was expected of her in society. She thought that the socioeconomic status and complexity of her social content was a clear imprint of the life that she would have in society as a whole. Although she was very smart, she felt inadequate and it reflected on the decisions she made in her life. She often waited to long to go after what she truly wanted. The character felt that she would never be anything more than what she already was because she could not change where she came from. In the end, she accepted what society told her…

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