The Social Determinants Of Health Essay

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It is critical that health professionals understand health factors contributing to a person’s health in the health care practice, as a person’s health is affected by many factors or social determinants. These social determinants are Housing, Income, and Environment. Also it’s beneficial and important for an individual to understand or have knowledge about these factors to allow them to make worthy decisions about their health or have an acceptable health behaviors. In these essay the term social determination is going to be discussed and how it affects the health of the population. Also this paper is going to specifically address why housing, income and environment is considered as social determination and give examples of how these factors create a negative impact on an individual’s health.
Keleher, Helen, and MacDougall, Collin. (2011) defines the social Determinants of health as “ the fundamental structure of social hierarchy and the social, economic and politically determined conditions that result a good health, ill health or diseases, and which people grow, live, work and age” This means that, the social hierarchy is the level of social and community support provided to an individual. The economic and political state of a human being is determined by the level of education the person holds and the employability status of an individual. Therefore the social and economic condition of the surrounding or environment, that human being live in has an influence on their…

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