The Importance Of Social Class In Healthcare

Introduction: Healthcare the instrument by which commercialization, commodification and medicalization further stimulates the disparities among social class, by decreasing the mortality and morbidity death rates among certain socioeconomically challenged demographic areas. How does one even begin to unpack the mountains of data that support these various disparities among social class. How can we implement a healthcare delivery system capable of caring for all, without bias, without ethnicity, without social class or one’s ability to pay?
Each citizen has a right to affordable healthcare, just the same as those who are fortunate enough to have it, or fortunate enough to afford to pay for it. This fact alone should be a true cause for action,
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If it can work in these companies, it can work in healthcare and this is evident among many organizations who are already using it to transform the way they care for their patients and their staff in addition to reducing operational costs. I also feel that the insurance markets, pharmaceutical industry, and other powerful groups, would benefit from this system.
As our healthcare system becomes more technologically centered and as curative medicine continues to increase these capital expenditures, in turn increasing costs, and profitability. By focusing on individual outcomes, the role of the environment causing illness will be obscured, thus the capitalist organization primary focus will be on production, which will be protected. This is the type of healthcare system we do not need, nor can we afford, but we see this already happening among larger healthcare organizations. New treatments, new drugs, new-biomedical research, new equipment, and new technologies mean, huge capital expenditures. This creates a huge financial burden to our already overburdened health care system, making the cost of care and insurance un-affordable for many Americans. As health care becomes more commodified subject to market trends, health care becomes more like other products and services we buy. We are now consumers of health care in some cases even when we are the patient, picking and choosing the plan that fits our needs. As hospitals and health-care organization compete for our business, as seen in many television ads. We as consumers tend to conform to these social pressures and the norms portrayed by these companies. Thus we will continue to see the cost of health care increase making it harder to afford a typical insurance

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