Essay on The Smart Start Pre School Program

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The Smart Start Pre School Program

“The developmental potential of a day care or preschool setting depends on the extent to which supervising adults create and maintain opportunities for the involvement of children in a variety of progressively more complex (ongoing) activities and interpersonal structures that are commensurate with the child’s evolving capacities and allow (the child) sufficient balance of power to introduce innovations.”- Bronfenbrenner (1979).The preschool years are the years when the child grows and learn at an extremely fast pace and the child is excited about the new discoveries in the world. The child’s’ physical, social and intellectual development has an amazing growth and this period is popularly known as the Golden Age for motor development.
The Name of my preschool program is called Smart Start. It’s a preschool program that caters to children ranging from age three to five (3-5) years old. The goals for the program is to endeavor to provide the most stimulating and structured program that will give each child the “Smart Start” and cater to their needs educationally, mentally, socially, emotionally and physically in a conducive environment that will foster growth and development. The assistance that will be used to foster this program will be of teachers and parents. Teachers will facilitate each child in providing a stimulating and Creative Avenue designed to provide endless possibilities for success. Promoting children’s pro-social behavior,…

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