The Slum Themes

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Other important codes that are similar to the book and novel are the Setting of the novel and the movie. The slum is a common place in which most of the action in the story happens this plays a vital role in uniting the plight of the lead characters. The slum is an important code as it is the factor that underrates the protagonist ability to win the quiz show it is a symbolic code. The slum stands as a symbol of poverty and ignorance it creates a myth as how the Inspector in the movie puts it “ ...have you gone soft Srinivas? Professors, lawyers , doctors, general knowledge wallahs never get beyond sixty-thousand rupees and he’s on half a million, what the hell could a slumdog possibly know?” This dialogue of the inspector reveals the attitude …show more content…
Therefore the book possesses an inherent freedom of its own to contain within it a very grand narrative style. Vikas Swarup has had more freedom in presenting the story when compared to that of Danny Boyle & Simon Beaufoy. The field of ‘Cinema’ (as it is the term for commercial purpose) has its own overseeing or governing body ‘The Censor Board’ that decides what can be shown or not shown in a film to the audience. Therefore every story has to undergo the crucial inspection of the Censor board which decides the standards of the movie. The various certificates of the board itself : U,U/A,A can be studied as individual codes because they are the limiting body whose standards and rules play a vital role in the frames chosen or the story conveyed. This movie taken for study has obtained the U certificate, this sign in itself stands as a representative of a set of rules and guidelines given by the CENSOR BOARD. Again, when we take the limits of the story telling that increases for a film maker and he has to prepare a script and keep in mind all the hurdles of being rejected by the censor board before being released as a movie. The censor board in itself is a cultural code that oversees the action that take place in the movie. The cultural code is nothing but as Roland Barthes says “...the cultural code designates any element in a narrative that refers "to a science or a body of knowledge" (20). In other words, the cultural codes tend to point to our shared knowledge about the way the world

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