Slumming It Documentary Summary

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Slumming it
By chloe Myers

The documentary slumming it directed by Helen Simpson and presented by Kevin McCloud is based in Dharavi ,Mumbai ,India. This documentary follows McClouds stay in the slum. viewers watch McCloud learn how to live like the slum dwellers during there day to day lives.
The health and sanitation issues in Dharavi have been showed as very poor and not very nice. In the start of the documentary we see McCloud getting immunised for the diseases in Dharavi . The swage is open and there is no sanitation. Their is mounds of rubbish and 4 thousand people a day get sick from diphtheria, polio, tuberculosis. The people wash their clothes in the swage and the place is infested with rats. the water is contaminated and toilets
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In the documentary McCloud shows close ups of the people smiling and this shows all the positive energy in the community. McCloud also shows a long shot of the community enjoying each other’s company together. The people are very generous and are willing to give up their things to make others happy. In Dharavi the people use streets as temporary mosques

The Recycling in Dharavi is amazing people manually sort all the rubbish and plastic and 80% of Mumbai’s rubbish is recycled. Everything is recycled from plastic bags to straws even paper and polystyrene. There are over 1 million rubbish bags collected a day across Mumbai and 35 thousand rag pikers. The rag pikers don’t wear gloves or shoes and they earn about 100 rupees a day every rag piker looks for one specific type of plastic and kids as young as 12 can become rag pikers. In compound 13 ( the recycling zone ) the plastic is made into new things and the workers sleep on the floor

In conclusion the community in Dharavi is very “chaotic but magical” the amount of things recycled is overwhelming the living conditions are crowded and their is no sanitation. McCloud uses long shots to show the community and close ups of people smiling to show the viewer how happy every one

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