Analysis Of Reclaiming Community

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In the reading assignment, “Reclaiming Community”, there were two different stories that were very, personally fulfilling to read about. My goal as an aspiring Recreation Professional is to do exactly what Lillie Lucket and Lucy Troisi did. They recognized a broken community and created a foundation for those community members to rebuild from and grow as a collective group. I think the main point of this paper is to show people that reclaiming community is like putting a puzzle together, you have to be patient and go piece by piece. At large, the puzzle is the problem and the pieces are the solutions. The puzzle pieces unite in efforts to complete the puzzle. In regards to Lucket’s and Troisi’s experiences with reclaiming community, their solutions didn’t fix the problem …show more content…
In Reclaiming Community, once people started noticing problems in their neighborhood, they started to isolate themselves. This caused them to dig the hole that they were in, even deeper and interaction amongst the community members diminished immensely. In the neighborhood “Oakland Hills”, they used the recreational activity of “gardening” as a part of the answer to their problem. This example truly shows the incredible power that recreation can have and it’s many benefits. This community garden gave people the opportunity to meet, share interests, and get to know their neighbors. The practice of gardening also allowed people to build or expand their skill set which is essential for self-actualization, and is a proper use of leisure time. There were even economic benefits that this community received through the garden. These economic benefits include money making by teenagers becoming Garden Managers and youth selling worms. Community recreation has the potential to serve many purposes and is a reliable source of reclaiming

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