Analysis Of Fire By Deepa Mehta

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Fire, a Canadian film by Deepa Mehta released in 1996 is an inspiration for those who seek to improve the imperfection/restrictions of a Canadian conceptualization of what is a true “Canadian” film Mehta explores the social injustices that remain internationally that impede humanity’s growth. Mehta is a modern-day renaissance “woman” encompassing notable distinctions as a director, producer, and screenwriter. Mehta’s unique exposure to Indian culture throughout her childhood and her immigration to Canada enriches the breadth of her knowledge and experiences. Mehta’s successful hybridizing of Indian and “Canadian” culture is representative of the Canadian fundamentalism of a cultural mosaic. The film (and others) did receive mix reviews. However, …show more content…
The issues between the husband and wife identifies some traditionalistic values of individuals who value their faith so much the innate desires are suppressed for a “disputable” cause. The love affair that develops throughout the film between the two sisters-in-law is an eccentric plot that contrasts the conservative beliefs that pressures individuals face to subdue their intrinsic nature. The reaction received from this film caused grave protest to their unconventional and perhaps “liberal” stance on gender equality and the acceptance of the LGBTQ community. In response, present day Hindu fundamentalists pressured the government to ban the film. Interestingly, this film later received international acclaim. Furthermore, the unconventional style of this film, questions, what Canadians may perceive a “Canadian” film to embody? She challenges the traditional notion of what is a “Canadian” film to rectify the existence of outside influences. Fire encompasses the ethnic and cultural diversity that disseminates an authentic representation of Canadian film to reveal the breadth of Canadianism: the cultural soundtrack, clothing, and environment. Therefore Mehta is a symbol of westernized hybridity, a mode in which both cultures are celebrated and critiqued. Her use of dramatic narratives captivates the audience with emotion and authenticity in order to break down cultural stagnation. Her film projects the voices of those who are marginalized in society. Her film transgresses present day prejudices through an immersion into another world. This film emphasizes the value of understanding, questioning oppressive powers and ideological frameworks to test the beliefs of the

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