Essay about The Six Key Elements Of Leadership

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Name and describe the six key elements of Leadership. Focus on description as you are specific on each of the elements.

The six key elements of leadership are influence, intention, personal responsibility and integrity, change, shared purpose, and followers. Influence is a must because it is the power to get people do change their opinions or do things that you want. Intention is when you want or plan to do something and it is important for leaders to have good intentions. Good leaders should have personal responsibility and integrity which basically means taking responsibility for your actions and knowing the difference between right and wrong. A good leader accepts change and can adapt. Things are always evolving and a good leader can evolve also. Shared purpose means that all individuals involved have the same goals and purpose. It is important that all leaders have shared purposes because it will play a big role in making a business successful. Followers, for a leader, are very important because they are the individuals that get things done. A good leader also should have been a good follower at one point. Daft, R. L. (2011). The Leadership Experience (5th ed.). Mason: Thomson Learning. Pages 5 - 6 2. Discuss the concept of The New Reality for Leadership. Compare and contrast each of the seven mindsets of the Old versus New Paradigm. Which one do you think is most useful in a technology driven society? Why?

Because of the constant changes in…

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