The Six Core Values Of Social Work As A Super Hero

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When you hear about the profession of social work, what do you think of? Draw a picture, don’t think about it, just do it. What pops into your head? On the first of day class I drew a house, a safe zone. Being a social worker is a safe zone for most people, someone that they can go running to, someone that they can talk to, someone that is there for them when no one else is. A social worker is a super hero. In order to become a super hero you need to have core values to follow. As a social worker you follow six core values that include importance of human relationships, social justice, competence, service, integrity, and dignity and worth of the person. Every social worker should strive to meet these core values to become the best that they …show more content…
No one should expect something from anyone. If you see money on the ground, return it. If you see an elderly lady struggling with her groceries, carry them for her. Don’t let rewards, like money, get in the way of someone that is in need of help, because one day you will be the one needing help and there might not be anyone there for you. Sometimes I do get frustrated with doing something good for people and not getting anything in return. Sometimes you help someone out and they don’t even take time out of their day to even say thank you. People like that are the people you want to help the most. They are unhappy with life and need help getting to a place in their life that they can enjoy. As a social worker I can do that. All in all, every one of the six core values of a social worker is very important. You will need to follow each and every one to become the super hero we all want to be. Even though I know I have to follow the six, two of them are very personal to me and helped me become who I am today. Dignity and worth of the person and service are important aspects of my life and I am glad I get to follow these values even more as I become a social worker. I am even more excited that I get to learn more about the other four values and become a better person and a better candidate to being a social

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