Disadvantages Of Helping Out

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Helping out someone or some organization in their time of need can be mutually rewarding but it can also have its drawbacks. Sometimes it can create a level of dependency that wasn’t expected. Being a crutch for people to lean on may not compel them to do for themselves, especially if they know they always have someone to fall back on in their time of need. I usually never had a problem helping out my family, friends and even charities but there comes a time where you step back and wonder if what you are doing is a good thing or a bad thing. It is real easy to get taken advantage of if you don’t keep your guard up and look at things from a neutral perspective. Let’s look at family first. I have personally …show more content…
I don’t trust any of these charities anymore and I really don’t feel bad when I turn down a request for money. The second thing that I find wrong with helping everyone out is that it can create a rut for the person on the receiving end. It can be real easy to just slide by and not try very hard if you know that there is always someone waiting to give you a helping hand. My son let himself fall right into this predicament. I saw that since I was buying his cars and paying for the repairs that there was no need for him to try and improve what was going on in his life at that time. He would sleep late and when he was awake, he would spend all day on the internet doing whatever. My friend was pretty much the same way as my son when it came to the rut in his life. Why should anyone go out and better themselves if there is really no need to. Since I gave him a vehicle and paid for the repairs and even did most of the work on it, there was no reason for him to go out and look for work. There was no reason to go out and get a job when someone else was pretty much doing it for you. Charities have created their own ruts by relying on donations to continue operating instead of finding a way to permanently fix the problems they are asking the money for in the first place. I know that not everything can be fixed in a day but some charities have been hanging around a long time, begging for money. The third problem that I have seen with always bailing people out is the lies that it can compel a person to think up just to get a handout. I know that lying is an everyday thing for some people and most of the time, the lies are harmless, but sometimes they can be expensive. You have to be smart enough to pick through what is truth and what isn’t. I know my son has stretched the truth about things to get a sympathetic ear from me but he doesn’t give me credit that I know what is really going on most of the time. I have

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