Compare And Contrast Christianity And Islam Essay

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Christianity and Islam

There are many religions in the world, two of which I will highlight within this paper. The two are Islam and Christianity. Many people argue that they are both extremely different while others postulate their similarities. Looking at the sacred texts, there are noticeable similarities however, the differences between Islam and Christianity are pronounced, and merit rigorous scrutiny. Those who are curious about these two religions should understand the commonalities and unlikeness of the two. This essay will compare and contrast the major tenants within this premise.
According to the Pew Research Center, the religious system of Islam and its followers called Muslims comprise 1.6 billion people. The God of Islam or their
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They do view Abraham and Moses as prophets; they agree that they were instructed by God to perform his will in similar fashion to the Islamic faith. However, Christians view Jesus as the Son of God; they believe that he is God’s only begotten son who died on the cross to save humankind from sin and death. Christians also believe that through Jesus Christ, people can be saved and will have everlasting life in the kingdom of God.
Both Islam and Christianity believe in an afterlife that will come in the end of days there is a Heaven and Hell. Those who will be saved will go to Heaven while those who defy God will burn in the Lake of Fire. While the idea of Hell is the same, Heaven is slightly different in both religions.
Muslims believe that Heaven is more of a paradise. In the Qur’an, it talks about fine clothes, perfumes, jewels, and food. Muslims believe that those who practice and adhere to the Islamic faith will enter into Heaven or “paradise”. The Qur’an says that there are many levels of Heaven. The highest is paradise while the lowest is called “Khuldi”. It is depicted in Islamic beliefs that there will be banquets and vast feasts while celebrating with

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