The Similarities And Differences Of Christianity And Christianity

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A person with heavy faith finds comfort in the trust of a “higher being”. They find it satisfying to know that there is somewhere to go after living in this world; somewhere much more beautiful. Every religion in today’s society has a vision of their own higher being with similar and differentiating concepts. So why does one feel it’s better than the other? Competition to break each other down. Christianity and Catholicism are two separate religions that are coincidentally similar but their differences is what makes each unique. Christianity is a religion based on the teachings and lessons taught by Jesus of Nazareth. It branched out from Judaism and can be traced back to the 1st century in Palestine. Christians believe that there is only one true God in one form as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and see Jesus Christ as the human Messiah who was born to save the world and His people. Their way of living can be looked at in the bible and includes both …show more content…
Matthews 16:18”(4) The Roman Catholic was formed from Christianity which can explain the similarities. This quote is what many Catholics interpret as Peter becoming the first pope. Catholics also believe that God is one being through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit but they feel that the word is expressed through ordained personal. They have many celebrations such as Christmas and Easter but also spend time recognizing significant personnel such as The Virgin Mary and the saints. Catholics utilize the bible but interpret it as the way our lives should be or if we follow we will get our way into heaven. The 10 commandments define how a Catholics morals should be. Ultimately molding the type of person they will become in this world. Through those commandments Catholics also utilize the 7 holy sacraments that will grant an inward grace to the individual and give them a more grounded outlook at

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