Christianity Vs. Islam: Similarities And Differences

Mary Cate Sliman
English II- Period 5
Mrs. Trahan
9 November 2016
Christianity vs. Islam Although most people believe that Christianity and Islam are radically different, these religions actually have more in common than most people know. This paper will discuss both religions, their beliefs, their similarities and their differences. Before Christians were called “Christians” they were known as followers of “the Way,” which applied to people who believed Jesus was the Son of God (Litfin 2). Christianity has existed for over 2,000 years and is the world’s largest religion with two billion followers. Christianity takes its name from Jesus Christ, who is referred to as the Messiah (Levinson 56). Christians are divided into three major categories:
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While most people believe that the difference between Christianity and Islam involves the Christian’s belief in the Holy Trinity, the biggest source issue dividing the two religions is the gospel (Litfin 2). “The Bible’s account of what God has done, is doing, and will yet do through his Son to redeem his creation” is the true issue which highlights the differences between Christianity and Islam (Litfin 2). It boils down to whom they believe Jesus Christ actually was and his role in things (“Christianity vs. Islam” 1). “It is if the two faiths are ‘standing apart on common ground’” (Taylor 35). Another significant difference between the two religions is that under Islam, Muslims reject the Trinity. Muslims believe Jesus is neither God nor the Son of God, but rather only a human prophet (“Islam vs. Christianity” 2). While Mary is celebrated in both Christianity and Islam, she seems to be a more important figure in Christianity, especially in the Catholic Church where statutes of Mary are commonplace (“Christianity vs. Islam” 11). Islam, on the other hand, considers Mary free of sin and the best woman God ever created (“Christianity vs. Islam” …show more content…
Christianity” 3). However Muslims do not believe in “original sin” because in the Quran, God forgave Adam. The Quran also states that no one should have to suffer for someone else’s sin or mistake, which is quite different from Christianity (“Islam v. Christianity 3). Christianity’s original language is Aramic, Greek and Latin, while Islam’s original language is Arabic (“Christianity vs. Islam” 3). Another difference is how each believes they reach Heaven. Muslims believe they get to Heaven only by following Sharia. Christians believe that simply having faith in Christ and doing good deeds can get them to Heaven (Meeker 5). Islam does seem to have stricter guidelines than Christianity (“Christianity vs. Islam” 12).While Christianity seems more strict in the Old Testament, many of the rules found in the New Testament seem more relaxed because they are not based on Judaism, like those in the Old Testament (“Christianity vs. Islam”

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